Mobile Apps

The future of business are mobile apps, are you ready?

Indivirtual has extensive experience in delivering high calibre iOS and Android apps for mobile, tablet and wearables. We will transform your vision into a reality, regardless of sector or complexity.

Our talented team of digital experts are ready to tailor your state of the art application, ensuring purposeful functionality, high performance and a beautiful user interface. As Steve Jobs once said, “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works”.

Users seek instantaneous results while they're on the go. Together, we will realise your requirements into an application that meets the needs of your business whilst placing the user at the heart of the experience. The best designed mobile apps are the ones that become a part of users’ daily lives, not the ones that get downloaded and then never used again!

Our knowledge of the Middle East and its drive towards mobile and tablet devices has enabled us to design and develop leading mobile apps for clients such as the Dubai Government, Sharjah24 News, Twofour54 and Yas Marina Circuit. Interested to learn more? Get in touch to see how Indivirtual can support you.

Our App Development Strategy

We stand by our record of transforming clients' visions into high quality mobile apps with no compromise. We do this time and time again by following our proven User-centered Design (UCD) approach:

  • Conceive - We will engage with you to craft your strategy, adding value both strategically and creatively. Indivirtual is not a reactive agency, we may even sometimes challenge your vision to create the best possible product for your customers. The foundation of our creative process is mapping the agreed strategy into user journeys which ultimately defines the best information architecture for your app.
  • Create - Each screen within the application starts with UI wireframes which then get combined into an interactive prototype that simulates key features, user interactions and behaviours. This important stage provides a platform to test with users and make rapid iterations to the interface. Combining the results of the UI Design and testing, we then create beautiful, clean and modern visual designs that align perfectly with your brand.
  • Build – Our app engineers use the design assets to start developing the user interface for the application, liaising with the strategy and design team on all aspects of animations, transitions and UX. Finally, our engineers will undertake the necessary development of the core logic, functionality and integration with system infrastructures whilst undertaking rigorous testing ahead of the final launch phase.

It doesn’t stop here…

  • Marketing your App - Upon the launch of your app, Indivirtual will engage its digital strategists to work towards gaining maximum visibility through an audited, researched and proven search strategy.
  • Analytics and Insights – Indivirtual continuously analyses the behaviour of your users, collecting data to quickly understand any opportunities for optimisation. As your partner we will report our findings so that we can respond with cycles of iterations that continuously enhance the user experience and engagement of your app.

Did you know?, one of the Middle East’s biggest online success stories, saw its mobile traffic jump from a paltry 12 per cent in 2013, to over 50 per cent in 2015. This one stat tells a big story and is another indicator as to why this region is leading the world in smartphone device penetration rates.